Rain, Rain, Go Away!

As I type this, I am listening to more rain falling on the metal roof of this 140 year old farm house, the oldest in Medina.

In agriculture and tourism, we are at the mercy of Mother Nature. We deal have to deal with heat waves and freezes, droughts and floods, high winds and hail storms. Most of these events are short term, but this year we have a longer term issue: too much continuous rain and cloud cover.


In September, we posted over 20″ of rain and a lot of overcast skies. In October, we are experiencing more rain and clouds. The ground is not drying. The trees leaves and roots are developing fungus. Heck, the bare dirt left from the dead grass of the earlier drought is now growing moss. mushrooms, and mildew!

October is The Great Hill Country Pumpkin Patch. The grounds look nice with green grass and a full pond, but our parking lot has mud puddles that are not drying. The orchard is too muddy to run the hayride. The biggest disappointment is to school kids that are having their field trips cancelled because it is raining again.

We have good years and we have bad, but we will continue on. Please keep an eye on our Facebook account, check the website, or give us a call before coming out. Please understand that with saturated ground, even moderate rain can overflow the creeks. When the rain picks up, we send some people home early so they don’t get caught behind flood waters. We will do our best to provide a piece of the Hill Country for all our customers but the lines might be a little longer or a some products or services might be in short supply.

Thanks for understanding.

Another 4″ over night….

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